Q-Taro, Jungle Emperor and more - 60s Best Anime List vol.2

by taro

Posted on 2021-01-12

otaku image by taro Q-Taro, Jungle Emperor and more - 60s Best Anime List vol.2

Hello Weebs and Otakus!

This one is Volume 2 of 60s MUST WATCH anime that were popular in Japan.
Hope you enjoy this list and widen your knowledge about our love and passion :)


1. Super Jetter

ProductionDate Released
TCJ1965/1/7 ~ 1966/1/20
スーパージェッター主題歌_さとうささら - YouTube
Super Jetter

The first original SF hero anime without an original in the early days of Japanese TV anime. Popular writer Yasutaka Tsutsui has participated in the production from the planning stage, and various SF settings devised by his staff and others captivated the children at that time.

Jetter, a 30th-century time-patrol member, was both thrown into the era 1000 years ago in an accident chasing the villain Jaguar. Jetter collaborated with the director of the International Scientific Investigation Bureau, Saigo, who he met there, and teamed up with female photographer Kaoru Mizushima to fight for peace in the 20th century. A time stopper that stops the surrounding time for only 30 seconds, a gun paralyzer that shoots electric shocks, an anti-gravity belt that can fly in the sky, a rider that runs at Mach 15, a meteor, etc. That's it!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/FTI3eO735MQ


2. Space Boy Soran (Uchu shonen Soran)

ProductionDate Released
TCJ1965/5/4 ~ 1967/3/28
宇宙少年ソラン 主題歌 歌ってみた - YouTube
Space Boy Soran

A story about a boy who was cyborged in the Planet Soran and returned to Earth to search for his sister who survived while fighting against the great evils such as a group of new human Mu, the demon Gorona of the universe, and the super-electronic brain Guyver. Chappy, a space squirrel, is a companion, and from the middle of the series, he drives the Angel and makes an outstanding performance.

Tachibana Soran, a cyborged boy on the planet Soran, which has 15 times the gravity of the Earth, fights evil with his amazing power while searching for his sister to live.
Soran, who returned to Earth with Chappy, a space squirrel, confronts a series of difficult incidents while living at the house of archaeologist Dr. Furuzuki and Mika. It has been a long and difficult battle with a group of new human Myus with supernatural powers, the demon Gorona of the universe, the super-electronic brain Guyver, and the Gyara.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/jIjNZxAnDTA


3. Ghost Q-Taro (Obake no Q-Taro)

ProductionDate Released
Tokyo Movie1965/8/29 ~ 1967/6/28
オバケのQ太郎には、何故毛が3本しかない? | 雑学とトリビアの杜

In 1965, the serialization spread to other magazines at Shogakukan, and was further animated to become a social phenomenon called the "Oba Q boom."

The egg that Masa-chan, the second son of the Ohara family, found in a vacant lot was replaced by Q-Taro, a cute but appetizing ghost.
Q-chan, who was allowed to stay in the Ohara family, becomes friends with Yo-chan, Kisa-kun, Godzilla, Hakase, and other children around Masa-chan. However, the American ghost Delonpa appears there.
Cheeky Delonpa makes a fool of Q-chan, who can disappear and fly but cannot be transformed.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/CGY5sKIWIhs


4. Jungle Emperor

ProductionDate Released
Mushi Production1965/10/6 ~ 1966/9/28
「ジャングル大帝 劇場版」の動画視聴・あらすじ | U-NEXT
Jungle Emperor Leo (aka Kimba the white lion)

The first animation of the masterpiece Taiga by master Osamu Tezuka. This is the first full-scale color animation program produced in Japan.

A white lion punja who continued to protect the peace of the jungle. The orphan Leo escapes from the ship on the verge of being sent to human society. Aim for his hometown of Africa.
Leo, who aims for the coexistence of animals and humans in the jungle left by his father, survives repeated hardships and increases his many companions.
In Leo's mind, the desire to learn the civilization grew in order to understand human beings.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/1zu9JHiYKvE

Later Disney copied and claimed that it is their "the first Original Anime" 
Learn More about the story -> https://wotakuexchange.com/post/59


That's it for this time!
Anime has been evolving so fast that it's been loved and watched in all over the world nowadays.

By watching/knowing these old ones, you would have better understanding of where the anime today might be coming from and how the authors might have inspired from.

Anyways, let me know what you think in the comment below!

Cheers 🙌

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2021-02-09 Jungle emperor aka Kinba the white lion should get more credit than that! Master Tezuka's animes are all amazing.
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2022-01-11 yes, that one is basically the origin of the lion king by Disney. whoever got money talks I guess...
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