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How Wotaku exchange Works

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You can post valuable information intended to help other wotaku. Posts consist of sharing information, something fun, a bit of knowledge, trivia, or posing questions within their specific categories. Responding and/or commenting on others' posts is also a great way to participate. We aim to keep a supportive, heartening environment.

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By posting, your post being liked, commenting and your comments being liked, you earn points called wXP (wota XP, you guessed it!). When you reach 100 wXP, you earn 1 Wota Coin!

With Wota Coins you earn, you can swap with other Wotas services, goods, expertise and other things that would be great to be able to swap.

Where are we going?

Our plan is:
to make Wotacoin into a ERC-20/BEP-20 Tokens so that you will be able to swap with other coins/tokens on CEX, DEX or P2P
to have capability for users to stake Wotacoin and earn passive income
to have P2P Swap platform so that users could swap Wotacoin for other tokens

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