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Coming to the United States alone seeking a certain freedom and the American Dream, I found busy people who were mostly concerned with their own stuff.
They were very nice and friendly, but somehow left me with a sense of disconnection in which I didn’t feel I could open up.

I started searching for ways to connect with others, and the question became:
“How do I do that?”.
Often Facebook friends are not literal friends and loneliness remains, offline.

One simple way to connect with others, I found, is by sharing whatever we feel passionate about with true love.
Even just talking about it, the topic immediately gives us sense of connection with others who share the same feeling towards it, and this something in common makes people feel closer.
In fact, many online sites offer places to meet likeminded people, but I have not found any for a particular group of people, the Otaku or Wotaku.
These two are Japanese words for someone who is into something and even very good at it, like expert level.
Other synonyms for Wotaku: enthusiast, geek and nerd.

Basically, the Wotaku share a certain passion, love and dedication towards a topic and are always seeking more depth. Just by sharing what we know could help others, so that one's huge question could become another’s tiny one.
You could argue that in some instances you might need money to get such things from those experts, but it does not have to be that way.
We can learn from our ancestors by simply sharing or exchanging what we have or are good at without money.

As a group on WotakuExchange, we are idealists, in that sense, and really like to help each other, for everyone’s happiness. This way, one person's kind action can contribute to a brighter future.

We believe change starts from each one of us, and that now is the time to apply what Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change we wish to see in the future” and to remember to ask ourselves: “What are you doing for others?”, as Martin Luther King Jr. urged.
Let's come together and do for others! Let’s create an infinite circle of kind, positive energy that helps you smile when you are tired, and brings you light when you find yourself in darkness.
We have different categories but we like to revise and might expand and/or edit them in the future.
Join us today, fellow Wotaku!


How Wotaku exchange Works

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You can post valuable information intended to help other wotaku. Posts consist of sharing information, something fun, a bit of knowledge, trivia, or posing questions within their specific categories. Responding and/or commenting on others' posts is also a great way to participate. We aim to keep a supportive, heartening environment.

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By posting, your post being liked, commenting and your comments being liked, you earn points called wXP (wota XP, you guessed it!). When you reach 100 wXP, you earn 1 Wota Coin!

With Wota Coins you earn, you can exchange with other Wotas services, goods, expertise and other things that would be great to be able to exchange.