Onara Gorou - My favorite Anime

by wota

Posted on 2020-01-27

otaku image by wota Onara Gorou - My favorite Anime

Do you guys know this anime?
It's an awesome anime made by crowd funding in Japan. I guess because other big anime companies did not accept this or something and so this author went to crowd funding to make it happen as TV show in japan!

Story is about Gorou who farts and his fart start giving you some life lessons. I personally think it is very creative and at the same time, I like the sense of humor :)

Hope you like it or let me know what you guys think?

Watch Onara Gorou Now

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Hope you enjoy :)

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wotakuexchange user avatar jonathantuan02 image | WotakuExchange
jonathantuan02 2
2020-02-01 LOL, sounds like a hilarious anime. I'll have to check it out.
wotakuexchange user avatar taro image | WotakuExchange
taro 1
2020-02-02 jonathantuan02, I bet you will love it! In case you don't understand it, just watch twice. each episode length is only 10 mins or so.
wotakuexchange user avatar tokio image | WotakuExchange
2020-02-09 This is my first time to know this.
wotakuexchange user avatar wota image | WotakuExchange
wota 2
2020-02-23 @jonathantuan02, Have you seen it yet? You will get incredible life lessons from Gorou-san. @tokio, please watch and let us know you like it ;)
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