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by wota

Posted on 2020-06-09

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The more you know about websites and web in general, the more you know that more people that either simply don't know or don't care about privacy or security when browsing internet/websites therefore, I would like to share some resources that you can use to prevent (if not 100%, quite a LOT) from getting "infected" by spyware, virus or other unwanted malwares.

Here's how I do it at least!

Ok, first of all, it happens when you click some ads or links that redirect you to other websites. What they do would vary depending on the sites/links/ads, however there are 2 things you could imagine.

1, Most likely they(the websites) set some cookies or local storage which live in the browsers. (potential spying)

2, Run some scripts to do further actions which trigger one after another like chain reactions.

So, what you want to do is simple. Let's do 2 things again.

  1. Browse in Private mode, Incognito mode, whatever call it (it depends on the browser called differently but basically the same thing) or Tor
  2. Add plugin/extension to block ads and other unnecessary stuff

Alright, for 1. I recommend using Waterfox to minimize to only necessary tools for browsing internet.  its setting is important that from the setting/Preference, go to Privacy and at the History section, choose "Never remember history" from the dropdown menu.

You could also right click on the browser and choose Incognito mode/Private mode to open the window. *For this, safari is the best when it comes to privacy including tabs on the same window.

*Additionally, you could use DuckDuckGo for your primary search engine for more privacy.

And for 2. I add uBlock Origin as an extension to waterfox like the top image. There are other extensions such as adblock, adblock plus and they are great if you use chrome engine for browsing internet. but as I suggest here, waterfox and ublock origin combination would be the best to protect yourself. 

Chrome and Firefox are the most popular browsers that is why there is more chance to get "hacked" because it's worth building whatever more victims out there from the hacker perspective.

In case you want to try but lazy to google it (I don't use google tho), here I share the links for those resources that I mention in this article.

Waterfox (browser):

uBlock Origin (extension):

DuckDuckGo (search engine):

I hope this setting would help thousand people across the globe. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as a comment below.

Happy helping others!

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mari 1
2020-06-25 Thank you for the recommendation, wota! I didn't know Waterfox but will check it out.
wotakuexchange user avatar wota image | WotakuExchange
wota 2
2020-06-25 You are very welcome mari! I hope it could help you stay more private and secured when browsing internet :)
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