Gegege no Kitaro, Star of the giant, Cyborg 009 & Kaibutsu-kun - 60s Best Anime List vol.6

by taro

Posted on 2021-05-03

otaku image by taro Gegege no Kitaro, Star of the giant, Cyborg 009 & Kaibutsu-kun - 60s Best Anime List vol.6

How y'all doing? :)

Well here comes another exciting list of 60s best anime series.

Come to think of it, almost all of those classic anime series have been remade with the modern quality and they are still popular even today. That's like 40+ years of solid popularity!!
Amazing job!!

Personally, those older ones tend to have more unique taste to its author comparing to modern anime series. They have more "original looking" I think because of those modern anime series have set standard or something that they all look so similar. not complaining of course :)

Anyways, here are the vol.6 of favorite picks! Check 'em out!

1. GeGeGe no Kitaro

ProductionDate Released
Toei Animation1968/1/3 ~ 1969/3/30
source: Toei Animation

The first animation of the masterpiece of the youkai manga master Shigeru Mizuki.

A descendant of the ghost tribe, Gegege no Kitaro, a boy with a heart of justice and high magical power. He defeats the youkai that attack humans, while also killing bad humans. It is a mixed-race child of a youkai and a human being, a Nezumi Otoko who secretly plans to make money beside him. Kitaro fights against the evil Japanese youkai, but soon a foreign youkai corps led by Backbeard invades Japan. What is the fate of Kitaro fighting with a Japanese youkai?



2. Star of the Giants (Kyojin no Hoshi)

ProductionDate Released
Toei Animation1968/3/30 ~ 1971/9/18
Kyojin no Hoshi Episode 1
source: Toei Animation

Animated masterpiece baseball manga that established the genre of graphic novels in the Japanese publishing world. You should also pay attention to the original production and adaptation unique to the anime.

Ittetsu Hoshi was kicked out of the Yomiuri Giants because he used the forbidden magic ball "Masokyu". He entrusts his son Hyuma with a dream and leads a life of aiming for a pitcher of the Giants. Hyuma finally stood on the mound of the Giants while fighting against multiple rivals in high school baseball after repulsing many times. However, he had a fatal flaw as a pitcher, that is, the ball quality was light!



3. Cyborg 009

ProductionDate Released
Toei Animation1968/4/5 ~ 1968/9/27
009 RE:CYBORG | Anime, Art, Cyborg
source: pinterest

The first TV animation of the popular science fiction manga, which is a masterpiece of Shotaro Ishinomori. It was produced in response to the popularity of the preceding theatrical anime version.

Up-and-coming racer Joe Shimamura. He was Cyborg 009, who escaped in search of justice and freedom, born of the world-famous death merchant "Black Ghost". While guarded by scientist Dr. Gilmore, he protects world peace with eight companions scattered around the world, but the devil in the human heart is trying to seek war again on the ground.



4. Kaibutsu kun (Monster boy)

ProductionDate Released
Tokyo movie1968/4/21 ~ 1969/3/23
怪物くん | アニメ動画見放題 | dアニメストア
source: anime store

Animated Fujiko Fujio's popular manga. A masterpiece that summarizes the good points of both elements while shifting from the first monster boom to the youkai boom.

One day, Hiroshi, an elementary school student who lives with an older sister who is a grown adult, meets a strange boy, a Kaibutsu (monster). His real name is Kaibutsu Taro. He was the prince of Monster Land, who visited the human world with Dracula, a werewolf, and Franken. Around him, the plots of the evil alien Belabo monster and the demon organization Demonish swirl.




How was the today's list?
I personally those are still relevant  today where a lot of series are somewhat similar to these classic ones. Probably new author might have been inspired by those classic series.

And I have noticed that Japanese have been drawing non-logical dream like world such as SF, Monster and Youkai or Super Hero with magical power. it's just fascinating.

What is your favorite classic one? or what do you think of these classic series? 
Let me know down below 👇🏻💬

Happy Anime lover🤓🥰


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2022-01-11 Just realized how unique Japanese characters are like ghosts, zombies and monsters... I guess those are in trend at the time and NOW! lol
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