60s Best Anime List vol.4 - Goku, Golden Bat, Perman and Speed Racer

by taro

Posted on 2021-03-23

otaku image by taro 60s Best Anime List vol.4 - Goku, Golden Bat, Perman and Speed Racer


I'm back to continue with my favorite anime picks!
There are so many that I can't do everything at once so this time is volume 4!

Hope you enjoy it :)


1. Goku's Great Adventure

ProductionDate Released
Mushi Production1967/1/7 ~ 1967/9/30
Goku's Great Adventure 1967 (source: internet)

This one as probably you have guessed or thought sounds familiar, but Yes the world most popular anime DragonBall's Goku was spired by this Goku. In fact the first Goku from DB has the extensible stick as this monkey Goku has and many characters and items are very similar that you can tell how Akira Toriyama got ideas from older anime series.

Tezuka Osamu's "Boku no Son Goku" is a manga based on "Saiyuki 西遊記". 
Based on this manga, Mushi Production created this work as a slapstick gag anime.
The characters and the content of the story are satirized in a modern style, and most of them have been remade except for the basic setting that Sanzou Houshi goes to Tenjiku to get the scriptures. As for the characters, a female character named Ryuko has been added.

The monkey Son Goku, who was trapped in the rock because of the rampage, is finally released and becomes a companion to Sanzou Houshi heading to Tenjiku. The companions along the way are the gluttonous pig Hakkai, the old man Sa Gojo who is obsessed with the treasure hunt for a lot of money, and Tatsuko, the daughter of the wizard who occasionally show ups. Goku's adventure journey continues while defeating youkai and gangsters.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ_Sk4feb9M


2. Golden bat

ProductionDate Released
Daiichi Douga1967/4/1 ~ 1968/3/23
TiendAnimeSpace: FANTASMAGORICO - Golden Bat: La Serie ...
Ougon Bat, Golden Bat (source: internet)

This one the first hero in all history started in 1931 as Kamishibai or Paper story shows in Japan. It's been broadcasted in many countries including Brazil, Italy, South Korea etc with different names so even though Toho was showing this anime as well as movie of it, it has lost media for more than a couple of times. Strange..
Well, nowadays, you can see many cartoons and animes got some inspiration from this super hero.

A TV animation of a mysterious hero who has been active in paper-story shows since before the war.


The monster Nazo, who is in the air tower Nazo Tower armed with super weapons, plans to conquer the world. Well-meaning scientist Dr. Yamatone opposes Nazo's ambitions, but his enemies are mighty. However, when Marie, a girl around Yamatone, makes a wish for a golden bat, a monster, a golden bat, appears out of nowhere with a high laugh. He was the ally of justice who revived from the sarcophagus of the ancient Atlantis era!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ExePeYkGwA


3. Perman

ProductionDate Released
Tokyo Movie1967/4/2 ~ 1968/4/14
Image - Permanpose.PNG | Perman Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

This one pretty popular as their masks are unique and all the kids in Japan wants one so I remember getting one of those at Matsuri which is Japanese festival thing. I am pretty sure that it is still there today! it's that popular.

The first animation of Fujiko Fujio's adventure SF gag comedy.

One day, Mitsuo Suwa, an elementary school student, meets a strange man, an alien Superman who has appointed a substitute for justice from another planet called "Super Planet" to Earth. Mitsu, who was entrusted with a mask that increases power by 6600 times and a cloak that can fly at 99 km / h, is in trouble fighting the evil of the world with chimpanzee No. 2 and tomboy girl No. 3 in the same position. Save people. However, when Perman's identity is revealed to others, great punishment awaits.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/8v6OjegTYjM


4. Mach GoGoGo (Speed Racer)

ProductionDate Released
Tatsunoko Production1967/4/2 ~ 1968/3/31
Speed Racer Sericel (Speed Racer Enterprises, c. 1999 ...

They remade this series in 1997 and is still popular to this day. His merchandises could be collectable to those serious fans around the world.

Tatsunoko Production's second anime and the company's first color work. Until recently, it was a big hit overseas.

Up-and-coming racer, Go Mifune, who participates in car races around the world. His car, the Mach, is a supercar with seven special abilities designed and manufactured by his father, Daizo, who is also the president of Mifune Motors, a craftsman. Sometimes there are vicious disturbances and predicaments in the race, but it is the mysterious racer who helps Go and dares to say harsh words. What is his true identity?

YouTube: https://youtu.be/cPR45cBkRq4


Alright that's it for today! But as you can see, Anime those days are also great work!
As a matter of fact, many are still popular! Amazing job!

Hope you get some ideas from these old but gold stories.

Let me know what you think🤓


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