2020, Winter Solstice

by mari

Posted on 2020-12-22

otaku image by mari 2020, Winter Solstice

This year has been particularly challenging for essential workers, for those who are sick, hospitalized, for front line medical personnel in hospitals and nursing homes, not to mention for those of us who lost jobs or family members. Seeing hospitalizations and deaths soar in the state, country and the rest of the world, while wrestling with other challenges has been difficult, but has made many of us stronger. 
It may seem trivial in the face of the devastating context of this pandemic that I’ve yearned for dojo practice, but I know others out there might have shared this yearning as well. I also imagine I’m not alone when I say my grappling practice has been partly about learning to accept the ongoing unpredictable developments of this bizarre period, to remember to appreciate good health in oneself and others, friendship, family, and to perceive the beauty of small things like a warm smile, or the light in the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on a Winter Solstice night sky. Please take care this holiday season. May this mark a turning point toward more light, fellow martial artists! 

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