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Posted on 2020-04-21

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Anybody coding while staying home?

I personally love PHP. Why? because it is ,in my opinion, very optimized, efficient and simple to build web applications using PHP. Especially after upgrade to PHP7, it is super solid.

I know and for the fact that I do learn and use some JS or Javascript libraries and frameworks but for some reason it does not stick very well on my head.

Well, I do study and try to build mobile app using Dart with Flutter framework which is Google's invention and its syntax comes from JavaScript a lot as well, so as I go over learning the language, I do also get to brush up my JS skills and I do enjoy using that.

But at the same time, jQuery does a great job in my opinion and just good enough to use it wherever you can.

Overall, my favorite at this moment is PHP and for those of you who did not know before reading this article, Facebook and many other giant tech companies including Google still use PHP in their platform thus the language is very solid and efficient.

I did tried using Node.js and Express but somehow PHP is a lot easier for me and flexible building web application.

Only thing is that I hope we could build some mobile application using PHP that would be just AWESOME!

Anyone out there knows how to build mobile apps using PHP, please leave a comment below and share your knowledge.

By the way, I do already know about ionic but have not been convinced to jump on that platform....

Any input would be much appreciated.

Happy coding for better future together!

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2020-10-12 Forgot to mention that as matter of fact, the world's most popular CMS WordPress is built with PHP as well as Shopify and more!
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