Timewarp distraction (ThingThingThing)

by mari

Posted on 2021-02-22

otaku image by mari Timewarp distraction (ThingThingThing)

I'm posting this to spread the word about ZZYW's netart project. Perhaps some of you might find it interesting. Enjoy!

World on a Wire: ZZYW

ThingThingThing (2019-) by Yang Wang & Zhenzhen Qi of the New York-based art and research duo ZZYW is included in the exhibition "World on a Wire," currently at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing and online at worldonawire.net A computational system made for collaborative worlding, ThingThingThing produces a live simulation in which entities generated by users interact in an ever-evolving three-dimensional world.

View the currently running ThingThingThing here.
On February 25 at 7PM EST, the duo will host a 90-minute collaborative worlding workshop online. Participants will design new Things, and set them free in the ongoing simulation included in "World on a Wire." No prior experience is required to participate, though the event is limited capacity.

Learn more about the event and RSVP here.
Alongside, ZZYW has published an essay on the Rhizome blog discussing the history and thinking behind ThingThingThing

Read "Architecting Emergence" by ZZYW

Image: ZZYW, ThingThingThing (2019-). Infinite simulation with sound. Courtesy the artists. 

Credit: Rhizome News

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