Top 10 Cool Wanted Doraemon's Secret Gadgets

by segodon

Posted on 2021-02-09

otaku image by segodon Top 10 Cool Wanted Doraemon's Secret Gadgets

Have you heard / seen Doraemon?

It's super popular and loved anime for long time in Japan (as well as in the states... on Disney channel?)

Here I would like to share some secret items that Doraemon has in his pocket which are super cool. What's even cooler? Doraemon uses those items to help Nobita-kun who is this ordinary boy with glasses, soft and easily bullied by his classmate. (kind nice person)

Before getting to the ranking,


Who is Doraemon?

Doraemon is the main character in the anime which is a robot that looks like cat came from future 22nd century.
He can time travel through inside the desk drawer. and he has so called "4 dimension pocket". that's where he pulls out all kinds of interesting and super cool secret items for Nobita-kun.

A little trivia about Doraemon.
Q. if he is a cat, how come he does have ears?  you may ask
A. well because they were eaten by mouse. so Doraemon can't stand mouse.

Interesting, right!


Let's Begin!


1. Dokodemo Door


Image - Kachi Kochi 2017 5 Nobita Doraemon using Dokodemo ...
source: wikia

With this door you can go wherever you like to go in a split second! How cool is that!
You pretty much don't need any transportation for the purpose of moving from one to the other.


2. Time Machine


source: ikianime


With this you can basically time travel to go anywhere in any period of time.
Personally it is getting close to be able to do that soon. So in 22nd century? possible!


3. Take Copter (Take = Bamboo)


7 Gajet Canggih Doraemon Yang Wujud Pada Hari Ini | Iluminasi
source: internet


This simple gadget allows you to fly around. Just put it on the head and voila!
It's basically helicopter wing made of bamboo (Take in Japanese). I want this


4. Honyaku Kon'nyaku


ほんやくコンニャクについて真面目に考えてみた | myz-English!
source: ameblo


If you eat this yam or konjac, you will be able to understand and speak any languages.
Let's do some Japanese lesson, ready?  Honyaku --> Translate,    Kon'nyaku --> Konjac (type of yam)


5. Oisha san Kaban (Doctor's bag)


お医者さんカバン : これは欲しい!ドラえもんひみつ道具 ...
source: navar


Just by applying a stethoscope, you can see what kind of illness you have and it will also treat you.
I wish we had this today so that we don't need to worry about any viruses or disease..


6. Anki Pan (Memorization bread)


2015年12月31日(木曜日)今年最後のドラ笑い!! 大みそかだよ ...
Source: internet


If you write what you want to remember on the bread, you can memorize it.
I would have this as my breakfast every day...


7. 4D pocket (spare pocket)


ドラえもんコミック16巻 | ドラニュー
source: dranue


Pocket that can store various things.
Doraemon has one on his tummy and this is a spare pocket. How cool is that. I wonder which one is cooler cloud storage or this one..


8. Small Light


【下ネタ注意】ドラえもん スモールライト編 - YouTube
source: internet


A gadget that emits light that makes anything small. 
Think about moving big or even huge things. with this amazing gadget, you could put everything in your pocket to carry around. No need U-Hall van.


9. Toriyose Bag


とりよせバッグ | ドラニュー
source: doranew


A bag that you can grab what you want by putting your hand in while saying what you want.
You can have whatever you like... I wonder what I want.


10. Time Furoshiki


リアル! 『ドラえもん』のひみつ道具で欲しい道具を大人と ...
source: waral club


By wrapping things in this furoshiki, you can make them new or old.
It could be nice to tool for your commerce business.


Alright, that's it for this time!! As you can see, there are so many mind blowing nice-to-have gadgets that Doraemon has.
If you could pick only one thing to have, what would that be??

Me? I wold like Doraemon ;)
So that I can use all the secret items when in need.

Let's hope that someone will invent these one day..



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wotakuexchange user avatar wota image | WotakuExchange
wota 1
2021-02-17 My favorite is Dokodemo door it's because I get to go anyway I want without using any transportation. Not only that, it takes a second to get the destination so you don't waste time driving or getting stuck in the traffic for example. (driving is fun tho) I hope it will be invented in my life time...
wotakuexchange user avatar jose image | WotakuExchange
jose 1
2021-02-23 I like Anki pan so that I don't have to study so hard lol instead just eat that bread whenever I need to memorize something including college exams or learning other languages etc.
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