Judo Self Training at Home

by wota

Posted on 2021-01-26

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Hello Fellow Mellow Pillow!

How y'all doin? 
2021 started with many wishes for bright future for many of us and it's been already almost a month!
Unbelievable, isn't it?

And who has been a couch potato out there training Martial Arts or doing any exercise inside of your brain only so that you feel like doing some training/exercise at least? 

Well, I am here to share my thoughts and I thought it would be nice and helpful to share what I do at home for Judo training which probably many of you have not yet tried YET will find it super useful, I hope.

I believe simple is the best and more importantly consistency/habit makes who you are, so ONLY 3 to share.

  1. Burpee
  2. Rubber band Uchikomi
  3. Gi pull ups


1. Burpee

burpee consist of 3 positions where you start on foot to jump --> squat --> plank(and push ups for advanced ones) and come back on foot as one. You can simply try for 10 times and see how much you can do, and then increase the number or multiply the set to your own level.

Master These 5 Beginner Level Burpee Exercises To Burn ...
image: dailyhealthpost

How I do is when I jump (yeah I start at 6, 7 to 1), I clap my hands, and then squat all the way down to touch the ground and then stretch out both legs to get the plank position (if I fee like energy level is higher, then I do push ups(4) at least once), from there, jump back your feet close to palms then get up to standing position. then Keep going for 50 times.
Give some credit to experts: YouTube video How to burpee

2. Rubber band Uchikomi

This one is particularly great for those who want to practice any techniques you are working on usually major front techniques such as Seoi-nage, Uchimata etc for 1.pulling (kuzushi), 2.setting (tsukuri) and of course 3.execution (kake).

Uchi komi band training - YouTube
That's right you can do this at home! (image: great source of internet)

Give him some credit: YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b3PWIbxBLo

The more you practice, Better you get at. HOW SIMPLE IS THAT!
This simple trick is applicable to pretty much anything you would like to be good at. All you need to do is repetition.

Also it is a great way to get muscle memory that you could get the precise form every single time like a robot for perfection.
Especially useful under this circumstance where you cannot get close to others (social distancing?)

3. Gi pull ups

And last but not least, pull ups using actual gi (judo gi, jiujitsu gi etc).
Pulling muscle is especially useful in judo or for Judo techniques so any pull ups helps you build the muscle you need to throw people :)
And what's more? by using gi, you get to build grip strength including actual feeling associated with it. Which means it feels much closer to what it really feels like when you are tied up with your opponent or uke. (practice partner)

19 Best Pull-Ups for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling
image: internet bjj

So it is more efficient comparing to normal pull ups (again any form of pull ups are good tho)
Just be careful not to hit your head when you are up. There's a bar above you. So I would suggest to go up left and right.
Give some credit: YouTube video showing a guy doing it

Now what?

Now You know these amazing 3 simple training moves. combine them all to make your own training set. 
Here is some sample that you can do.

. Make sure your surroundings are safe and clear.
. Set rubber band and gi hanging on a bar within 6 feet. (6 feet from each move, so 12 feet if there’s enough space)
. Have a timer which you can set some interval so that you can set some rest time between.

Let's Begin!

Go from burpee x 10  --->  jog to get uchikomi area,   Uchikomi x 10 ---> jog to get the pull up area,  Pull ups x 6 (3 each side)
(1 min break)

That's it! Mission accomplished 😎
If you think you could go even further, you can simply multiply the set by 2, 3 and 5 as well as increase the numbers of each exercise.
And if you are doing more than 2 sets, you could set the timer for 1~2 mins between the set so you have a chance to catch your breath and do not need to push yourself too hard.

Alright, you would have great amount of exercise by doing just this and keep in shape!

By the way, that's what I do inside of my brain thinking that I'm doing enough training ;)

If you find it helpful, give me a thumbs up👍🏻  
Or if you know other ways that you think worth sharing with us, please do in the comment below 💬

Let's keep on moving!

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wotakuexchange user avatar mari image | WotakuExchange
mari 3
2021-01-30 Thanks for this fun training post. Of late, I’ve been mostly doing 80-100 push-ups in the morning and hiking gorgeous trails, but this could be what gets me back on to that kind of training mode.
wotakuexchange user avatar wota image | WotakuExchange
wota 3
2021-01-30 +mari Thank you for your comment! The closer the exercise to judo moves, the more efficient for Judo training particularly since those muscle that you build could be instantly useful when you tied up with your partners (uke). And what’s more important as you know is that you set your mind for Judo training which helps you stay focus mentally, physically and spiritually.
wotakuexchange user avatar mari image | WotakuExchange
mari 1
2021-01-31 Thank you, that makes a lot of sense, and you make a compelling argument for efficiency, not just in the context of solo training, but also as that which one recognizes in the movement by advanced martial artists
wotakuexchange user avatar mari image | WotakuExchange
mari 1
2021-02-02 Wow, I hadn't seen the video of the guy doing the gi pullups 😅 ok, so I am determined to renew my intention to get to a full, (unassisted) pullup.
wotakuexchange user avatar segodon image | WotakuExchange
segodon 1
2021-02-09 watching Youtube videos for mental/image training works for me, but sure once a while get up on the couch and do some gi pullup would be helpful :)
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