Osomatsu-kun, Sally the Witch and more - 60s Best Anime List vol.3

by taro

Posted on 2021-01-19

otaku image by taro Osomatsu-kun, Sally the Witch and more - 60s Best Anime List vol.3

Hello everyone!

We are in the historical moment now which a lot of things are changing the way it has been to new norms.
A lot of things in our life could be just an another time of history as the history repeat itself.
So I would like to share which anime series were hot in the beginning of it rise of the popularity in 60s.
Oh, this is the 3rd one since I have been sharing.

Let's start!


1. Osomatsu-kun

ProductionDate Released
Studio Zero, Children's Corner1966/2/5 ~ 1967/3/4
おそ松くん (1988) エピソード2 セクション3 - YouTube

Animated Fujio Akatsuka's gag manga that caused a huge boom in "Shae" among children in the 1960s. The eldest son, Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jushimatsu, and Todomatsu are sextuplet brothers who look just alike that even their parents have hard time finding who's who. The six children are still making a fuss today with various people such as Chibita, who is small but likes fighting, and Iyami who calls himself returning from France.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/fOxhEaXcIps


2. Harris no Kaze

ProductionDate Released
P Productions1966/5/5 ~ 1967/8/31
オダブツのジョー on Twitter:
Harris no Kaze

Animated the school manga of Tetsuya Chiba, a manga artist known for "Ashita no Joe".The supporting character "Glasses" gained popularity in anime, and the number of appearances in the original increased to reflect that popularity. Oyama, who plays Kunimatsu, and Ohara, who plays glasses, will later work together in "Doraemon" for a long time.

The main character, Kunimatsu Ishida, is the eldest son of the Ishida family who runs a ramen shop. The family used to run a ramen shop in Shizuoka, but Kunimatsu was a violent man with a tag, and he had dropped out of many schools so far, and the family couldn't live anymore and moved to Tokyo.
One day, he gets into trouble with Gozo Iwanami, who works for the prestigious Harris Academy, and he knocks out. The school director who was watching this situation pays attention to his motor nerves and recommends admission to correct it while improving his goodness. At first, he enrolls at the mercy of the director, who has a mysterious power, although he opposes it, and transfers to Iwanami's class. The trouble with Iwanami was within the expectations of the director from the beginning.
After the transfer, he soon got into a fight with his classmate Kendo member Isaburo Yokochi and the bad Hisaya Ino. All the sports clubs who paid attention to the rampage came to solicit, but Kunimatsu's condition for joining the club was "to give out a lunch box." In addition, she becomes a fighting friend with Yoko Asai, who sits next to her. However, when Yokochi was sanctioned by a Kendo member, he felt indignant and boarded alone to defeat the enemy.
After that, he used his innate motor skills to play an active part in the baseball club, kendo club, boxing club, and soccer club, and all of them won the tournament. Every department causes trouble at first, but for some reason the executives of some department are attracted to Kunimatsu.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/DAX6-x31MrY


3. Robotan

ProductionDate Released
Daiko Pro1966/10/4 ~ 1968/9/27
ロボタンの歌を口ずさんでいた… | 浜当目の燦燦会

A sci-fi gag anime in which Kenji Morita, a manga artist popular with generations such as "Marude Dameo," was in charge of writing the character draft and the manga version.

A robot born in the Meiji era that was exhibited at the World Rare Items Exhibition. The Aozora family buys Robotan, and his son Kanta becomes his best friend. An old-fashioned but banana-loving robotan who flies in the sky and sucks anything with the super magnetic force on his chest is popular. However, next to the Aozora family, the villain Bocchi of the savage family and the myna Kiko again set up a bad thing for Robotan and Kanta.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/ND3YrhXMDhY


4. Sally the Witch

ProductionDate Released
Toei Animation1966/12/5 ~ 1968/12/30
<動画>『魔法使いサリー(1990年)』配信中!無料視聴できる ...
Sally the Witch

The first animation of the magical girl manga based on Mitsuteru Yokoyama. It is also the first domestically produced anime for girls.

Princess Sally, who has longed for the human world and escaped from the heavenly demon world, magically prepares a mansion in Tokyo. She becomes a student at Kibogaoka No. 3 Elementary School, while her chasing magical kid Cub is her ostensibly younger brother. Before and after she made friends with Yotchan and Sumire from the same school. Sally, who has become a part of society, learns the human soul while solving people's hardships with her magic.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/0F0xAFaJApk

Alright That's it for this time. The purpose of this is just to introduce you what anime there are so hopefully you could go into more details or watch the show if you are interested.

If you have any questions or comments your can add it below.

Happy Anime fans 🙌

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2021-02-09 Hey I can see some of these animes are still popular in 2021 such as Osomatsu kun (now it's "san" instead of "kun". not sure why they changed it tho) it's amazing how those old series could be still popular around the world👁
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