Anpanman - Saitama's favorite hero anime

by jose

Posted on 2020-12-08

otaku image by jose Anpanman - Saitama's favorite hero anime

Heylo guyys

Have you heard of Anpanman? it's most definitely No.1 Anime in Japan for kids!

And if you have seen it, did you notice something interesting??

That's right! Saitama of the One punch man and its story is hugely inspired by Anpanman if not 100%.

Saitama: One Punch Man (aka Onepunman)


As you can see, they look identical and now you know why Saitama got bold head. the colors of clothes are yellow and red and switch as Anpanman's grove is yellow and body is red whereas Saitama's body is yellow and grove is red.


Story line is absolutely the same. (I mean a lot if not 100%)

First it starts with peaceful ordinary daily life, then all of a sudden some monster or bad guys come to city and start destroying stuff that now we need some hero to solve the problems and it's very dramatic emergency situation. Here comes here in Anpanma, Baikinman (aka virus) start attacking people like today corona virus, then the hero Anpanman comes to fight against Baikinman and most of the time, he finishes with One punch! bamm! Sounds familier? that's right! One puch man as well, Saitama(main character) finishes with only ONE PUNCH no matter how strong or bad the enemies are.

Anpanman is very loved by japanese kids and that's how kids in Japan start dreaming to become one like him :) How sweet isn't it?

So if you have kids, I would definitely showing them Anpanman (not sure if there's an english version tho)

By the way, do you know what Anpan(man) means?

Yes it's Jaspanglish. get it? because the word consist of Japanese + Spanish + English how international this man is!

That's right, Japanese people embrace/respect all from the world. ready for a little bit of language lesson?

An(or anko) = red bean paste, common Japanese sweets

Pan = Bread in Spanish

Man = male human being

That's it for today!

Hope you learn something valuable and now you could show off some trivia about anime :) Let me know what you think in comment below????

Happy sharing Banzai ????

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2020-12-13 Anpanman is a really loved hero and no wonder Saitama loved to be like him also! Anpanman is most recommended anime for especially little kids. They all wanna be Anpanman one day :)
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