Leader Takeshi Manga 1 to 15 GIVE AWAY

by segodon

Posted on 2020-12-02

otaku image by segodon Leader Takeshi Manga 1 to 15 GIVE AWAY

Hello wota friends!

I want to give away another great manga called Leader den Takeshi or "A Tale of a Leader in The End of the Century Takeshi!" which not quite new but as you know classic ones are pretty good and better sometimes comparing to newer ones. (new anime they all look pretty similar somehow...maybe using manga generator software?? just thought)

Anyways, this author is more known for his newer manga called Toriko and this one is funny and as good as that one.

So you are interested, send me a request or DM for more info.

I will try to ship it to you as long as you are in the states and will not charge you for that as a gift ;)

Cheers Weebs :3

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