What is WotaX 2.0? How it works Exchange, Chat and more!

by wota

Posted on 2020-11-17

otaku image by wota What is WotaX 2.0? How it works Exchange, Chat and more!

Hello Wota friends!
We are excited to announce that we updated the site to version 2.0

New features include:

  1. Exchange feature
  2. Chat/Messaging feature
  3. New colors and Icons

1. The biggest update is the "Exchange feature". 
You can exchange or share site related items of interest, services or knowledge by using Wota Coins you earned by contributing to the community for pure love and passion.
When you see exchange icons pulsing, it means the exchange is open and you can send a request to the member who posted it. When they accept your request, you get whatever the user is offering in exchange for Wota Coins you have earned. You earn Wota Coins by contributing posts and engaging with the Wota community.

2. "The Chat/Messaging feature" helps to connect users from around the world. and if you have some questions regarding requests, you can send it via this feature as well. It's always nice to be able to connect with like-minded and like-hearted people who are nearby or on the other side of the planet!

3. New color palette thanks to a Wota friend's suggestion. Now the site has a combination of contemporary fresh colors that feel welcoming to us. If you have a chance, say thanks to mari.
We will keep adding new features and improving the site. We envision it as a platform for giving and receiving Wota goodwill :)
We hope you will join us and start sharing ?, and thank you in advance for helping to build this pure positive vibe community!

Happy sharing 🙌

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2020-12-02 Giving back to the community is awesome! AND you still earn something. This is how life should be :) hope we can use Wota Coins to buy something in the future though..
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