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by taro

Posted on 2020-10-20

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What is Wakaba mark?

It's a mandatory rule for those who newly passed the driving exam after going to driving school for about 3 months in order to get a Driver License in Japan! (Everybody must go to Driving School to drive!)

The rule is that you need to put that mark usually either sticker or magnetic types on your car both front and back to let other drivers know that your are a new driver for the first year (1 year).

I personally think it is a good idea that drivers can communicate without words and without frustration in case this driver drives very slowly or carefully. Also there is a respect each other when you see drivers with the mark, you know they may need more time to make a turn, or being care for not careless.


Thing like this is coming from etiquette and manner as well as respect.

In the United States, there's no such thing, I mean the rule to put the sign so that other drivers would know in what kind of condition you are in for better understanding. In stead, this creates a new fashion or subculture in car enthusiasts or wotas.

Those who love JDM and tune up or customize their cars to special ways, some put it up to support and show the passion and love for JDM. and what's more? you get to see all kinds of variations of the sign nowadays.

Wakaba Shoshinsha Mark Men’s Premium T-Shirt | Spreadshirt

Maybe for T-shirt design or air fresheners, key chains and more! Also they make the same style as Wakaba mark with country flags design and so on.

So it's kinda fun to see what kind of designs with the unique shape is available online (even amazon.com sells those huh!)

Well, anyways, a lot of times when you see some interesting/creative stuff, they are coming from Japan.

Only personal opinion but if you are looking for something unique for some inspirations, I suggest to go to Japan for a short trip and if possible live there for some time.

You get experience whole new world over there and bring back some new / unique ideas.

I just love Japan....

Any comments will be appreciated. also if you know more crazy stuff related to the subject, PLEASE share with us! so we are all informed and expanding the passion and love.

Thank you and let's stick to JDM :)

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2020-11-02 Japanese people take everything serious so in order to safely drive, one must go to driving school cost about $3,000 US dollars. and yes you get to learn all details that wherever you go, you will be an excellent driver :)
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