I am receiving other's emails in Gmail✉️

by wota

Posted on 2020-10-01

otaku image by wota I am receiving other's emails in Gmail✉️

Do you use Gmail as your primary email to communicate with friends and family as well as signup for online account and so on?

Well, I do and most of time I like using it (even though I am not very a fan of Google which tries to watch you everywhere you go and follow after you and watch you doing stuff when nobody is watching...etc) because it is convenient and easy to create an account and now they even offer meetings like Zoom meeting for free! which I do not plan to use at all!

I understand that there are always (pretty much) pros and cons about everything(pretty much) and I found some thing which I wonder how many people out there have experienced the same as I have.

Have you received others' gmail in your inbox?

You first wonder, "Who is this? I have no idea what this person is talking about?" then you notice the recipient's email address is very similar to your own gmail email address with some dots in it.

yeah, that's the kinda issue here.

For some reason, Gmail does not consider dots as a part of email address in other words they ignore whether or not there's dot.

Say if your email address is randomguy@gmail.com or random.guy@gmail.com or r.a.n.d.o.m.g.u.y@gmail.com, you STILL get the same email!!! Try with friends or by yourself using other email accounts you may have or something!

I personally find it pretty ....🤔 NOT GOOD or NO BUENO because if you use your own name  which is pretty common in your gmail more likely another Joe Smith is using his name in his gmail with some dots(he needs to add dots or something because when you create an account Google gives an error saying the email address is taken blah blah).

I have this experience and my couple of friends have experienced that also.

And there are some people talking about this issue on the web begging google to fix the BUG🤖 (or admit!)

Anyways, I just hope that more people would be aware of it so that would prevent some unexpected things from happening. So when you are creating an account with Gmail, make sure you include unique characters or just make it unique rather than just your name that way your gmail is yours and google's ;) Or Google will fix it very soon!🤘🏻

(image: google)

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