Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba - Hottest Anime 2020

by taro

Posted on 2020-09-26

otaku image by taro Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba - Hottest Anime 2020

This anime is the most popular anime right now!

Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer is a story of human and evil or Oni which the main character is going to find the way and fight against.

Story begins by the main guy called Tanjiro's family gets massacred while he is away from home trying to sell charcoals in order to earn some money for coming soon even. His father had died and he is the one who works to feed the family.

When he's back from it, he found all of his family members are found dead except for his sister Nezuko passed away yet still barely breathing.

So he decided to take her to doctor to save her at least. in the middle of the way going, Nezuko suddenly wakes up and start fighting with Tanjiro.

Sadly He finds his sister is no longer the same gentle sister anymore, instead becoming one of Demon(oni). Soon after a guy with sword shows up to fight against the Oni (his sister), here some strange thing happens where Oni trying to protect Tanjiro when the guy is beating up both of them because Tanjiro did not let the guy kill his sisiter.

That's the beginning and a lot happens, but I do not want to spoil you i'm not gonna share everything, but another thing I like about this anime is that the story is held in Taisho era which is early 19 century in Japan where People still wear Kimonos and you can see the background with full of historical things such as houses are different and so on.

I just love to see that bold culture Japan has and they are beautiful.

When you have a chance (like always do), you want to check it out! 

Here's a link to watch on gogoanime for advanced people or any adblock installed.

watch on Other site like crunchy roll:

Enjoy :)

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2020-10-12 I like the theme as it's more Japanese such as Kinomo and beautiful colors of nature. Hope Japan will get it back the beauty of uniqueness...
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