10 useful wotaku terminology used in daily life

by segodon

Posted on 2020-08-19

otaku image by segodon 10 useful wotaku terminology used in daily life

Have you all heard of Wota(otaku) yougo(用語) which are basically almost only used by wotaku people in Japan.

There are tons of those and usage varies depending on what types of wotaku/otaku you are(they are). I picked up some and wanted to share with you too! Only 10 of those (maybe when I have a chance, I may increase this list later/future etc) :))

1. Natsukomi (summer komi)

Comic market(Comiket) that is held in summer. Natsu(夏)means summer and komi comes from comic. Komike (abbreviation of Comic Market which is the biggest anime/manga festival in the world held in Japan 2 times a year at Tokyo Bigsite(bikusa)!! If you happen to be in Japan around that time, August 15th or the end of year (December). There other one is called Fuyukomi btw.

2. Timeline(TL)  Keibi(security)

Looking/checking on the timeline (twitter, facebook, LINE etc). simply going through news feed or posts that your friends and family post on social media sites.

3. 40byou de shitaku sukkara (Get ready in 40 seconds)

Used when you are getting ready real quick. This originally used in the Miyazaki Ghibli movie [Laputa: Castle in the Sky] where Dola told Pazu to get ready in 40 seconds.

4. Gyaruge (Gal Game)

Abbreviation for Gal Game. Many kinds of gals appear and you can be friend with them. Mostly played by guys and for those who have less chance dating girls in real life enjoy the most!

5. Pah-peki

Combination of Perfect in English and Kanpeki in Japanese. Both the same meaning so it's really pah-peki!

6. Warorinnu (ワロリンヌ)

lol, it was so funny. Synonyms: warota(ワロタ), warata(ワラタ), warosu(ワロス). in text message or chat "w" is just used to express as lol in the states. e.g. I know www

7. Gevanni

Someone who does/create something incredible overnight. Used with admiration and surprise since it is almost impossible task. Originally came from Stephen Gevanni a character in Manga/Anime [Death Note] who copy the note in handwritten as if duplicated almost exactly the same way and swapped with the actual note.

8. Oshi chara (<- short ver character, 推しキャラ)

Favorite character(s) in the mange/anime, video games etc you watch you play. You like the character(s) and support however you can. Share your Oshi chara in comment below!

9. Kyawa (キャワ)

Evolution of a word Kawaii means cute in Japanese. [kawaii] -> [kyawaii] -> [kyawa]. There are more for the same usage such as Kyawawawawa, kyawatan, guukawa when you are talking about something cute.

10. Ma?

Originally coming from Maji? means really? seriously? Mostly used in comments on social medias or text messages, chat. it's just short version of maji?(まじ?, まじで?) super useful when you are typing really fast and want to say really? just replace it with ma?

Alright guys and gals, as I said there are tons more but you know I am a busy person so let me stop here. If you like to know more, pls let me know in the comment section below so I may be able to do part 2 or something. www

ink de shinryaku ikamusume~🦑 (→ ya know what this means ;))

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2020-09-26 I see. This is why learning the language from anime shows sometimes won't work in real life. they go huh? if you are otaku enough then yea :)
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2020-10-12 the language is constantly evolving. good to know all that just to communicate and understand others.
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