What is Sushi Beat? - Sushi GO!

by wota

Posted on 2020-08-11

otaku image by wota What is Sushi Beat? - Sushi GO!

Sushi Beat is a digital music instrument that looks like sushi. (literally)

This is yet another invention of Meiwa Denki which invented Otamatone(music instrument for everyone). They are super simple to use and compact that fit in your hand and each Sushi play different rolls in terms of making unique sound.

that's the purpose of sushi beat right there! (image reference: https://www.maywadenki.com)

They consist of three parts NETA(top part = switch), OTO(middle part =sound system) and SHARI(bottom part =speaker). Oto just means "sound" in Japanese and other parts both NETA and SHARI are actual names for real life sushi. (Like NETA is top part often some kind of fish, and SHARI is rice with vinegar usually)

(image reference: https://www.meiwadenki.com)

How to Play?

well, surprisingly, they are very easy to play!(because making sushi is not easy as sushi chef usually takes some decade of training from master). 

  1. first you hold the device as if you sushi chef holds sushi,
  2. then the sound comes out!!!
  3. (optionally) you could hold tighter of looser to change its tone. (this effect is like filter effect of DJ)

How simple is that?!!

As I mentioned earlier, they all have different roll/sound to play. so Let me introduce the member.

TAMAGO (Egg) = drums, EBI (shrimp) = base, MAGURO (tuna) = synthesizer (arpeggio), IKA (squid) = synthesizer (long tone).

Those 4 devices perfectly match with tempos and octave/sound tones, so together, they make a fantastic music! (they all come in a set!)

Currently they have three different grades available for purchase.

NAMI (made of paper, low end).  JOU (made of acryl, middle class better quality).  TOKUJOU (made of vintage acryl or custom materials)


Video explaining what it is and how it works (English subtitle available!)



On top of this amazing device, Meiwa Denki came up with their original music called "Sushi GO!". There is a Sushi chef bot called SUSHI OSHI KUN who plays perfect music combination of those SUSHI devices.

Sushi GO! feat. Sushi Oshi Kun (DJ bot)


It's always nice to see Japanese inventions🛠🤖🍣

Hope you Enjoy! and let me know what you think?

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