Otamatone - Genius Invention

by wota

Posted on 2020-08-04

otaku image by wota Otamatone - Genius Invention

Have you seen this instrument?

It's called "Otamatone", and I think the inventor of this instrument [Meiwa Denki] is genius.

What is Otamatone? well, it looks like one of music notes and by pushing the black part of it makes sound. That simple!

By the way, Otama comes from 2 things in Japanese. One is ladle which is used in kitchen when cooking, and the other one is a Tadpole or baby flog. You can see the stuff look like them.

Anyways, making sound is very easy like that. Also you could squish its cheek to open the mouth, that will change the sound as well as shaking it to actually shaking the sound like vibrato.

Since it's been a while, there are so many unique artists making their music videos out of it and they are interesting.

It is nothing new yet I thought there might still be a lot of people not aware of this existed because how quiet Japanese people can be that you need to discover it. (A lot of times, it's because they make stuff like that for passion and love, so they don't really advertise)

Here is some videos you could check out and find out what you can do with it!





Dance Monkey - Otamatone Cover


Gourmet Race feat. Otamatone:


Official Website:


Enjoy discovering something interesting👽👾🙌

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wotakuexchange user avatar mari image | WotakuExchange
mari 3
2020-08-08 Thanks for posting. I enjoyed learning about this playful new instrument. The word play on the title (automaton + tone) is amusing too!
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wota 1
2020-10-12 It could be useful tool/instrument for those who start learning music! I believe anybody can play some music :)
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