Hatsune Miku Senbon Zakura

by jose

Posted on 2020-07-08

otaku image by jose Hatsune Miku Senbon Zakura

I wanted to share one of my favorita  musica.

Bueno, this is totally like Japanese and you can see some history behind. And how the would dress up and even how they dance. Those are all original/traditional and me gusta mucho to see something different you know!

and what's more crazy is that singer Hatsune Miku is a virtual artist which her voice is generated by software called vocaloid!

check it out! We will love it!

im lovin'it :)

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2020-07-08 Forgoto el video of music here amigos! https://youtu.be/Mqps4anhz0Q
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2020-07-12 Who-what is Hatsune Miku? She seems more than a single voice, performer, entity or virtual idol with a fan base. Wild collaborative phenomenon!
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2020-07-19 She is one of those Vocaloids who are basically virtual singers made by vocaloid software. just AMAZING creativity!
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2020-07-21 It's definitely one of favorite songs because not only the graphics are awesome but the meaning of the lyrics makes me think something that people in Japan need to wake up or something from general brain washing/manipulation thru major source of information..
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