Neon Genisis Evangelion 1.0

by taro

Posted on 2020-07-01

otaku image by taro Neon Genisis Evangelion 1.0

Have you watched this anime yet?

It's first released in 1995 in Japan story about 20 years ahead 2015 and for the settings, things in the anime seem to be future like and it's quite cool to see more advanced technology we can imagine in the future.

Starting from Angel? arrived and start destroy the city called Tokyo-3 or the Third Tokyo which is built to fight against this angel(s) without getting destroyed or kill innocent civilians. Its transformation from daily city to emergency state is kinda cool and somewhat realistic in terms of it seems that we are capable of building it now(not in 1995 tho). 

How it does is when the angel (I thought angels are like messengers of God or something that are definitely positive beings, so it's kinda interesting and confused at the same time,,, anyways!) arrives, ordinary city goes down to under the ocean, then dummy city appears on the ground instead, so it looks like they are fighting in the city still without hurting anyone, I guess.

Well, things like that and it show UN as well as Secret society or Group of people who do not even show their face just talking and giving some orders or pressure to Eva's organization called NERV almost like some conspiracy theory that certain .01% people control entire world, oops a bit of side track but anyways, overall it's definitely fascinating  to see some future-like stuff in the episodes (except for the mobile phone since by 2015 iPhone had been introduced and people had used smartphones in daily life, other than that, pretty much all never seen stuff still).

And then this Evangelion or Eva is interesting stuff! Not sure if you are familiar with Gundam but the creator of this series used to draw those Gundams as his early career then later he created his own which is this Evangelion.

Somewhat similar to Gundam, but more again future-like because instead of a pilot control robots, in Eva the pilot must be able to synchronized in order to even work with it, so it's different way of controlling the unit and some info says Eva is giant human?? Please watch and you judge!

I watched this again recently, and it is still cool even though the story was created more than 25 years ago, amazing..

The anime shows some dark side of reality which exists or it seems like a lot of teenager (all the Eva pilots are 14 years old) experience it as trauma in their life or at least trying to figure that out who they are, why things are that way an so on, which I think more and more people suffer these days.

Anyways, hope you have a chance to watch it and get some inspirations.

Here's a trailer

Here you can watch the original english sub (make sure you have installed uBlock origin to enjoy this site):

English Dub:

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wotakuexchange user avatar jose image | WotakuExchange
jose 1
2020-07-08 Yea I liked it but the end of it is a bit...loco
wotakuexchange user avatar TempleDxD image | WotakuExchange
TempleDxD 3
2020-07-08 Haven't seen it, but one of my friends told me to watch it, because they told me it's really good :33
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wota 3
2020-07-21 I like the story. It's amazing how you could imagine how the future would be like and play with own story.. and usually Japanese anime has some meaning that all of us could somewhat learn or inspired from.
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