Bosozoku -JDM✌🏻

by jose

Posted on 2020-06-16

otaku image by jose Bosozoku -JDM✌🏻

Have you guys seen this one of kind special style called Bosozoku?

I have never seen one in the states, but it is pretty interesting to see how Japanese people come up with such unique styles. looks like it started with motorcycle tribes first back in 80s 90s in Japan which is pretty much dead in 2020 I may be wrong tho, and transformed to car version almost like the transformer come to think of it!

Anyways, if you know where I can find this kind of cars, please let me know in the comment.


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2020-06-18 as far as I know, It was pretty much for motorcycle gangs or something but then somehow they switched to Cars like Transformers!
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2020-06-18 you know, I kinda have seen some guy is talking about it here:
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