What is Vocaloid??

by jose

Posted on 2020-05-05

otaku image by jose What is Vocaloid??

Alright, have you heard of Vocaloid? For me it's nothing new but I thought maybe I should share with others who are not familiar with it! Well, first of all, it's AMAZING how easily you could create virtual vocal sounds and make songs with it!!

It's developed by YAMAHA Japanese motorcycle company? (at least, at first that's what I thought but not just that) well, actually YAMAHA is known for musical instruments such as piano as well. And believe or not (a little trivia about YAMAHA) back in the day, when TOYOTA (yes that TOYOTA the car maker who comes up with new innovations such as Prius or Hybrid cars and even Hydrogen  powered cars nowadays called MIRAI, means Future in Japanese or something..) anyways, YAMAHA was the one who used to provide its engines. So as you can see they are kinda modest in a way they do not speak up too much about it (japanese way anyways) yet they are amazing company.

Back to the Vocaloid, it is a software that you could create AMAZING voice and super flexible in terms of adding so much effects to the voice and you can make it absolutely natural voice as well as modern digital ones.

There is even some characters or artists which have been developed by other company called Crypton Future Media in Japan and its famous characters are Hatsune Miku, and her friends. What's crazy about this is that they act like real world artist who go around the world for concert tours and getting a lot of real world people involved as fans and all that! simply amazing.. Not only them, but other both Japanese and English speaking artists have been making their songs with Vocaloid (I think newest one is Vocaloid 5?). So if search on duckduckgo or other search engine, you would find flood of information about it!

Ok, I know it could be my own bias view, but please check it out if you are curious about it!

Here are some resources:

Introduction to Vocaloid:


How to make lofi hiphop with vocaloid:


Vocaloid official site:


Enjoy exploring something new/interesting🤖🙆🏻‍♀️

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2020-08-15 It's easier than ever to create custom vocals for your own projects and using for your songs written :) Amazing technology!
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2022-01-11 I love Miku and other vocaloids. i have gone to their concert once in LA 👽
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