Like drops of water

by mari

Posted on 2020-04-23

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I've been thinking about ways to help people around me while also keeping the focus on my work and training which seem so insignificant by contrast during these unprecedented times. Browsing the Kodokan Judo Institute site I recognized a work of calligraphy that I saw on display: "Tsutomureba kanarazu tassu: Striving surely results in achieving" by Kano Sensei, meaning that when we continue to make an effort towards a goal, we will be able to achieve it. It is a variant on the notion that a small force, if applied over and over, cumulatively and by virtue of perseverance, exerts great force, so even seemingly inconsequential drops of water, if falling continuously on the same spot on a stone, eventually open a hole. Perhaps others will find this a useful reminder. Feel free to share any metaphors or axioms you find particularly motivating!

Source: Kodokan Judo Institute

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2020-06-23 Thank you for posting! It is absolutely true and in fact I have experienced myself in real life. Therefore, we want to remind ourselves to keep going forward. And if we have goal/dream, just do it and keep going until you get there. It's a matter of time.
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