FFVII Remake

by GatsuDaZe!

Posted on 2020-04-12

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Just picked up the new Final Fantasy VII Remake, and it's fantastic! Very nostalgic, reminds me of the original, but with way more detail. Game play is amazing, graphics are ridiculous, and they have added so much depth to the original story. I'm about 5 hours in right now. Anybody else pick this up? Anything you like/dislike about it?


My only complaint is that they are splitting the remake into three separate games...

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2020-04-12 I loved this one!! holy guacamole!! Cloud, Sephiroth, Vincent and who else?? Those were my favorites! Obviously I am talking about the original one (haven't played remake) I bet this one is the MOST popular one in Final Fantasy series ever! (well for me, earlier series in Sufami or Super Famicon were also great, like FF4 or 5 there is a guy called Mash and you can literally use controller to make his moves. and he has this cool technique like KameHameHa or Hado Ken). Anyways, Thanks for sharing and keep us updated as you go with mostly positive side and constructive others :)
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