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Posted on 2020-04-07

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Hey guys!

This would be kinda an obvious question, but Y'all know this is the FIRST Dragon ball,  right?!

It was first all about finding dragon balls which are total of 7 balls with different number of stars in it. When Goku and his friends collects all of 7 dragon balls, Shenron(🐉神龍) will come out and ask "Tell me your wish, any wish but only one thing will be granted", then once that happens, Shenron disappears into 7 dragon balls to spread all over the world again.

In the story, you get to see Goku and Kuririn train under Muten Roshi(武天老師) or Kame Sennin(亀仙人), and some adventure encountering enemies or huge monsters/animals, looking for dreams and making friendships. as a boy, it was all excitement and everything.

Then battles start at Tenkaichi Budokai(天下一武道会), it's like MMA(Mix Martial Arts) in 21st century. Funny how it had been shown in Dragon Ball the same idea. Somehow we all like to watch who is strongest or something. better yet each character in the story is very unique and creative such that they have their own techniques and certain moves that are fascinating!! That's when Goku fights against Tenshinhan.

After that battle, Goku encounters new enemy, Piccolo Daimaoh, who is the final opponent of his. (I don't explain everything here)

And what's interesting as well as super smart and creative Akira Toriyama is that I think, is a lot of his characters' names are everyday things! Such as Tenshinhan, Yamucha, Oolong(pig), those are chinese food and drinks.

After Tenkaichi Budokai, Goku live peacefully having a baby Gohan, which means rice in Japanese by the way. then his brother Raditz (name after radish, a type of vegetable). anyways, Saiyan called Saiyajin in japanese and it's basically switch around the words of Yasaijin(vegetable person). therefore their names are pretty much all coming from vegetable such as Vegita is obviously Vegeta"ble" haha.  Anyways, that's how Dragon balls starts and today it is THE MOST POPULAR ANIME in the world.

Congratulations  Akira Toriyama!

Interested in watching it? You can watch trailer HERE 📺 Though it's in Japanese :)

Let me know what you guys think!

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2021-01-30 If you are a dragonball lover, then you want check this out first since the story continues.. Akira Toriyama is amazing apperantly.
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2022-01-11 who doesn't like DB. it's the most popular anime in the world!
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