Judo Bu Monogatari -Manga

by segodon

Posted on 2020-02-23

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This is by far the best Judo manga of all time!

Zus, Sai Sat!!  Growing up reading this manga and training Judo was one of my favorite thing to do as a teenager.

This is about Sango Jugo (3*5=15 in Japanese) who starts Judo when entering High school who never had done Judo before and only been interested in music instrument prior this. His high school Misaki Shogyo has weak judo team and when some Senpais came to his class to invite other strong Judoka, Sango decides to try it out.

It is hell training Judo as well as Senpai's nonsense grueling training, yet Sango does not want to give up and earns "Seoi-Nage" as his favorite technique.

Most likely you can find it only in Japanese Manga, but it is really a great one!

If you understand Japanese, here is some episode on YouTube.

Check it out!

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2021-01-30 I hope they remake anime for this one. If you practice Judo, this manga is like the Bible to be strong Judoka.
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