The Oldest Competitor Record in All Japan Judo

by wota

Posted on 2020-02-14

otaku image by wota The Oldest Competitor Record in All Japan Judo

Does anybody know:

Who Holds the record for being the Oldest Competitor in the History of the All Japan Judo Open weight Championships?

The All-Japan judo championships (Zennihon senshuken taikai - 全日本選手権大会) is a judo tournament held every year in Japan. The men's tournament is held in Nippon Budokan on 29 April and the women's tournament (dubbed "Empress cup All-Japan women's Judo championships") is held in Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium in April. The Kodokan and All Japan Judo Federation sponsor the championship.

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2020-04-06 If I remember correctly, it is Yasuyuki Muneta ( ). He is a big guy yet move fast as light weight judokas such as doing Seoi-Nage and so on. And I like how humble he is, not sure but at least the way he looks :)
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