Ask Senpai Questions. Kohai Welcome!

by wota

Posted on 2020-02-14

otaku image by wota Ask Senpai Questions. Kohai Welcome!

This place is called "Senpai" where you ask and answer those questions which really hard to be answered or to find else where including Google.

Google knows a lot, but a lot of times Senpais know a lot more and accurate information from real lives.

Feel free to ask any questions! Hopefully some Senpai will answer it for you :)

What is Senpai?

In Japan, the relationship between senpai (先輩, "senior") and kohai (後輩, "junior") is an informal hierarchical interpersonal relationship found in organizations, associations, clubs, businesses, and schools. The concept has its roots in Confucian teaching, and has developed a distinguished Japanese style, ultimately becoming part of Japanese culture. (More on wikipedia)

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2022-01-11 beautiful culture. it's basically like a mentor in school and company that you get to learn real people with real experiences.
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