I love cosplay!

by segodon

Posted on 2020-01-20

otaku image by segodon I love cosplay!

Hey guys! what do you think of cosplaying?  I just think it's great! because you get to be your favorite anime characters or super hero or something or anything!

Everytime I go to Anime Expo, there are a TONS of people cosplaying and just to see them is so fun!!

You should try once if you have not, otherwise let's talk about cosplay. This is where experts talk about our passion. :)

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2020-01-31 I wonder where i can get those cool samurai outfits.. let me know if anybody know best place/way to get those.
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wota 3
2020-02-08 @jose, I have seen those outfits on rakuten.co.jp which is japanese version of amazon.com. worth check it out! also, a lot of japanese vendors only ship in Japan and whatever you like happen to be the one, then use third party delivery service called "benly express" or something that they will provide you a physical address so that you can use it then to redirect to your actual home address. It's pretty convenient. (benly!)
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