Tiger Mask, Sazae san, The Genie Family, Attack No.1 - 60s Best Anime List vol.8

by taro

Posted on 2021-09-14

otaku image by taro Tiger Mask, Sazae san, The Genie Family, Attack No.1 - 60s Best Anime List vol.8


How y'all doing? Here comes long waited? vol.8 the final list of the classic anime from 60s!
I have been sharing this long lists of favorite anime series in 60s (that's when anime shows started pretty much so)

Some of you might think they are too old or why 60s? It's because I think It's nice to know where things are coming from and by knowing sort of like its history, you might be able to enjoy even more with current series because in the end, those new authors have learned from these classic ones and grew up with 🤩👓

Hope you enjoy 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️

1. Tiger Mask

ProductionDate Released
Toei Animation1969/10/2 ~ 1971/9/30
TIGER MASK กลับมาผงาด อีกครั้งในโรงภาพยนตร์แล้ววันนี้ ...
source: internet


Animated professional wrestling romantic graphic novel by Ikki Kajiwara and Naoki Tsuji. While it is a profound human drama, it also has a lot of charm that leads to the later transformation hero swashbuckler.

Naoto Date, a Japanese orphan who trained in Toranoana, a dark organization hidden in the professional wrestling world. He makes his debut in the ring as the villain Tiger Mask. However, he spends some of the fight money that should be paid to the organization without permission to protect the orphanage little child house from which he was born. A tiger hole thug approaches Tiger, who has become a traitor.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/OdJVSFh6008


2. Sazae san

ProductionDate Released
Nobuhiro-sha, Fuji TV, TCJ1969/10/5 ~ (on going as of writing)
Sazae-san: O anime mais longo da história - Anime United
source: animeunited


Animation of national manga representing the postwar newspaper manga genre. It is the strongest longevity program that still updates the longest unexplored distance.

Sazae Fuguta, a housewife who lives with her husband, Masuo Fuguta, and her cute eldest son, Tarao, in the Isono family. Her parents, Namihei and Funa, are healthy, and her younger brothers, Katsuo and Wakame, are also fine. The neighbors change from novelist Isasaka-sensei to artist Hama-san, and then again ... but the people of Asahigaoka in this town are still bright today.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/jQKCreleMgg


3. The Genie Family

ProductionDate Released
Tatsunoko Production1969/10/5 ~ 1970/9/27
ハクション大魔王 (乞嚏大魔王) 1969年10月5日から1970年9月27日 ...
source: nezumi-ya.net


A masterpiece of early Tatsunoko Production's gag comedy anime. Toru Ohira, the voice actor who plays the main character, Demon King, is also a perfect match.

The family of The Genie Family, who lives peacefully in a magical jar. The Great Demon King, who is just a name and is not scary at all, is summoned by a sneezing boy in the human world, Kan-chan, according to the law of magic. Not only Kan-chan, but also the devil who has to serve any person or animal if he sneezes. Eventually, a cute Akubi girl also appears from inside the jar.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/-6Qp26K4a8M


4. Moretsu Ataro

ProductionDate Released
Tokyo movie1969/12/7 ~ 1971/11/28
<動画>『アタックNo.1』配信中!無料視聴できる動画配信 ...
source: fixed-video-nigata.net


Animated masterpiece spokon comics based on Chikako Urano, which can be said to be a classic in the shojo manga world.

Kozue Ayuhara, a melancholy junior high school student who has transferred to Shizuoka, gathers outcast classmates and wins a volleyball confrontation with the proud volleyball club. The volleyball club, in which she became the captain, faced a number of difficulties and eventually won the national tournament by rejecting many strong opponents. When she later went on to high school, she finally met the world's strongest!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/r6ueRNEqcn4



All right! How did you like? Do you find any series interesting at all?
And some of you might have noticed some of these (almost all) have been remade to new versions later on. Actually there are tons of anime series that have new versions as a remake, so you can see the original versions of those and compare how anime has evolved over time 🤓

Now what do you guys think? Please let me know your opinions in the comment below 💬 And if you like this, please Like. That gives me more motivation to share more of these in a future 🥰

That's all for the 60s. Next will be 70s 👩🏻‍🏫


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