What is DOGE? - How the world’s popular meme became a cryptocurrency

by wota

Posted on 2021-05-10

otaku image by wota What is DOGE? - How the world’s popular meme became a cryptocurrency

Hey guys!

Have you heard of DOGE or Dogecoin either about some cute Shiba Inu meme or the super popular cryptocurrency?

Yes that's right! Today I would like to share a brief history and what it is today.

Ok, first off, did you know DOGE stands for some words? it's
Do Only Good Everyday!
How cool is that!

and as you might have heard these days so many medias and news talk about Dogecoin which became super popular just a month before the time of writing.
Dogecoin price increased by about 620% just within a month and crazy 20k% compared to the previous year! That's insane..

Sure there has been some hype going on but I truly believe that DOGE could be the third biggest crypto and become so called "people's money" for daily transaction in a future.

So, How has DOGE started?

Back in 2010, Atsuko Sato, a daycare worker snapped some photos of her loving Shiba inu, Kabosu
which sh had rescued from being thrown away due to its owner's business failed and 20 Shiba Inus were brought to an animal welfare organization to be put down including Kabosu, the Doge.
That rescue-dog became famous on internet as a meme. and became internet sensation by 2012.

And Kabosu is still living in Chiba, Japan today 2021.

much doge. so linguistics. wow.I have written a grammar of ...
source: internet


DOGE as a cryptocurrency was created

In December 2013, Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon and Jackson Palmer from Sydney, Australia, created Dogecoin (DOGE) and it was forked from Litecoin. Dogecoin's creators envisaged it as a fun, light-hearted cryptocurrency that would have greater appeal beyond the core Bitcoin audience, since it was based on a dog meme. (reference: coinmarketcap)


How Dogecoin became popular?

It was only a joke to begin with, but then some famous individuals such Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla tweeted that his favorite coin is Dogecoin.

From there it gradually gets momentum, especially on twitter and reddit communities.
Elon Musk and other Billionaire such as Mark Cuban endorsed and talked about DOGE's potential for future currency that pumped up even further that only less than a month ago, it hits $0.10 for the first time.
The momentum gets even faster and stronger that it went up all the way to $0.70 and communities are targeting next goal of $1 then here comes dip..


SNL, Elon Musk hosted and mentioned DOGE to drive doge to the moon...

Before the live, community and even many newbies were joining for the biggest event to witness DOGE to the Moon.
During the live, Doge started to drop then by the time the show ended, it dropped from $0.70 to .43  WHAT?!

That's right, it was completely the other way around from how most of us had imagined. Despite of the sharp drop, Doge lovers are still hodling tight and many are buying the dip even more as an opportunity to buy DOGE with a discounted price! ;)



The Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he plans to launch the Doge-1 satellite in Q1 2022. This project will be funded entirely using Dogecoin, making it the first cryptocurrency and meme in space, in Musk’s words.

This comes following the negative market reaction to Musk’s SNL appearance during the weekend, in which he mentioned Dogecoin on several occasions. Add to that short-sellers coming out of the woodwork, and the immediate outlook for DOGE looks uncertain. (Read More on NewsBtc)

Dogecoin has gone up 33+% in the past 24 hours. Moon ...



Alright, these are the brief history of Dogecoin (DOGE). I personally believe in DOGE to be "the people's money" in the future.
Obviously this is NOT a financial advice by any means but it's always good to know about what you invest in not just follow the crowd and hyped out and panic sell when price drops significantly low from the price you purchased.

DOGE is created with a good intention of doing good deeds and helping others as much as possible.
In fact, many of Dogecoin hodlers occasionally exchange DOGE to Fiat to donate money to charity and non profit organizations for good will.

It's not only about monetary value it holds but for this particular one, people's love and passion are in it.

At the end of the day, we the people value things as we believe in its value to be such so DOGE to the moon (actual moon as well by Space X) and hit $1 to $10 is possible.

Again, this is NOT a financial advice. so please do your own research before invest in any money into it.

Bonus info

By the way, one of central exchanges called Gemini has listed DOGE on their market and they partner up with Flexa, digital payment gateway. which is accepted over 41,336 locations in the US and Canada.

That's right there already! Do you know what it means???

Anyways, I stop here for today and may come back later :)
Hope you enjoy and feel smarter than yesterday!

Happy Sharing 🙌


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taro 2
2021-05-16 I love the way it started. The dog was on the verge of getting put down and now giving a lot of people hope and smile :) that’s the kind of thing we want to stick with rather than some corporate manipulation for own benefit... just saying..
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2021-05-18 DOGE is the real people's currency of the future! It's simply made of Love that's why it just feels good be a part of the huge community around the world :) Get ready for the daily transaction guys!
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segodon 1
2021-08-11 while doge meme is nice, dogecoin creators are much loser imp. they not only sold all their coins but one (jackson) keeps criticizing crypto all together including dogecoin. and the other is just taking advantage of its popularity AFTER the fact it becomes much popular. for that reason, i personally meh :/ but I love the DOGE meme tho🐕
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