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by jose

Posted on 2021-04-20

otaku image by jose Kodama evolves to Totoro - Ghibli Trivia

DId you guys know that Kodama from Princess Mononoke evolves to Big Totoro eventually?!

Yes according to Studio Ghibli, that's true that they have this hidden story.

Kodama is a mascot-like character that appears in "Princess Mononoke."

Kodama (source: studio Ghibli)

Totoro is a character that appears in "My Neighbor Totoro" and has a large, fluffy body.

You can learn how to draw Totoro from Studio Ghibli's ...
Totoro (source: studio ghibli)

Kodama and Totoro don't seem to be connected at all, and they look very different in the first place. However, Kodama has evolved into Totoro over the years!!

In fact, this surprising setting is also acknowledged by Director Miyazaki. An interview with director Miyazaki is included in the book "Princess Mononoke was born in this way." In it, Director Miyazaki said something like this.


I have one thing I'm sick of. Totoro has lived for thousands of years, but Totoro hasn't come out, in this forest. I think there are actually a lot of Totoro (laughs). It's giving me a headache. Actually.

It's okay to have even just one little one, so Kodama is walking around., so please put it in at the end. That evolved to Totoro (laughs). How about having ears over years? Then it will be consistent.

--From "Princess Mononoke was born in this way"


Director Miyazaki, you're really sick of Totoro's identity! lol

Only one Kodama appears at the end of "Princess Mononoke". This is a scene that shows that the destroyed forest will recover over the years. However, at the same time, it is also a scene that connects Kodama and Totoro.

Although it is an unbelievable background setting,  "Princess Mononoke" was in the Muromachi period. "My Neighbor Totoro" is set in the Showa period. "My Neighbor Totoro" is about 400 years after "Princess Mononoke".

The large Totoro is 3,000 years old (there is also the theory that it is 1,300 years old), the medium Totoro is 679 years old, and the small Totoro is 109 years old. The largest Totoro may be a bit too hard to imagine, but considering that it is a small white Totoro, it is acceptable the story.

In other words ... Kodama will become a small Totoro after about 100 years ...?


Introduced the surprising trivia of Ghibli works. Kodama and Totoro ... They look so different that they don't seem to have any connection. However, in reality, Kodama has evolved into Totoro over the years! There is no doubt that Director Miyazaki also said that.

Totoro and Kodama by Akayana on DeviantArt
source: akayana.devianart.com

It's just a back setting that doesn't appear on the front, but if you know this trivia, you may realize that it has a connection to the world of Ghibli works.

No way, there was such a deep connection beyond the work! Super surprised!
It will be more fun to watch Ghibli from now on ...!

Hope you find it interesting. Let me know if you know some other interesting facts about Ghibli!


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mari 4
2021-04-22 It's such a beautiful Miyazake film, and yes, creativity works in interesting and sometimes non-logical ways in the sense that creative elements might evolve, disappear or return, changed. It not always linear. I love the way Miyazake can deliver beautifully illustrated, imaginative stories that also have important messages, and in Princess Mononoke there is an environmental one, definitely a great rewatch for Earth Day. Happy Earth Day, everyone!
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2021-05-16 I wish they come up with Pokémon like game or something collectibles as well! That would be interesting to which Miyazaki Ghibli anime characters involve to which one🤩👁
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