DOGE Coin hit over $0.10 for the first time - Crypto

by wota

Posted on 2021-04-13

otaku image by wota DOGE Coin hit over $0.10 for the first time - Crypto

Have you even heard of Dogecoin with the famous shiba inu mascot from the meme with it?

Well, it has been created as a joke by Billy Markus who sold all of his coins 6 years ago after laid off, for buying used Honda Civic (said Market Insider), and his co-founder Jack Palmer.

source: (May 17, 2019)


the cart above is about 2 years ago but its price somewhat stayed around there for long time until today and it was $0.07 before it surged to hit over $0.10 for the first time! Increased over 50% in a day is insane!!

With that being said, it is no longer a JOKE. People have chosen it to be a legit value to exchange with other valuable stuff such as dollars.

Without Blockchain technology it would not be possible to make it this far I think. So for me this proved that now it's the time for every one of us to determine and value things based on our true passion and love about things.

And without having to go through central bank or middleman for transaction instead, peer to peer we can swap what we value and how we value.

With the blockchain, new internet has started which is our future and the future is here.

And there are other crypto currencies available for exchange with dollars and everyday you can see something new comeing up and making new waves to the market. How exciting world we are in!

In case you want to check out some cryptos and interested in starting the journey, here I share referral link which gives you $10 worth of Bitcoin after you trade for $100.

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The Coinbase does not support Dogecoin at this very moment, so if you would like to buy and own some Dogecoin, I would recommend open up, Voyager or

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Yes, I DO have one another one which is Voyager account: you can get the reward by applying either way 1 or 2 below.



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That's it!

You know what seriously, it's like Digital Gold Rush happening right now, and YOU could be benefitted from it and get rich that you get plenty of opportunities are out there and explore the new world.

Once you found good ones, JUST HODL IT!!

Hope you find it useful, and if so please give me thumbs up 👍🏻

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2021-05-03 I got some @.14 and hodling :) anybody has not been on board, not too late to get to the moon🚀 Join to Do Only Good Everyday on the moon👽🐾
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2021-05-16 In Doge we trust👨🏻‍🚀 to the moon!🚀 I HODL🦾
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