Ribbon Knight, Adventure Gaboten Island, Pyun Pyun Maru and Guzura - 60s Best Anime List vol.5

by taro

Posted on 2021-04-06

otaku image by taro Ribbon Knight, Adventure Gaboten Island, Pyun Pyun Maru and Guzura - 60s Best Anime List vol.5

Hello friends!

I have been sharing 60s anime series just because it might be interesting to you. Some anime you find it in newer anime that might got some inspiration from these old series etc. 

Hope you enjoy!

1. Ribbon Knight

ProductionDate Released
Mushi Production1967/4/2 ~ 1968/4/7
リボンの騎士のアニメを全話フルで無料視聴する方法!見 ...
source: mushi pro

Animated girl romance drawn by Osamu Tezuka, who was fascinated by the Takarazuka Revue

A prince sapphire with beautiful eyes in Silverland. However, the prince was actually a girl who had both male and female hearts before his birth due to the mischief of the angel Chink. Due to national law in which women cannot inherit the throne, the important duralumin tries to reveal her secret in an attempt to dismiss Sapphire and place her son Plastic on the throne. Sapphire, worried about the unpeaceful national situation, tries to do his best as a prince.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/664Wfc0Y7KA


2. Adventure Gaboten Island

ProductionDate Released
TCJ1967/4/4 ~ 1967/12/26
source: sakuhindb

A survival animation produced by Eiken (TCJ at that time) with the motif of the old Juvenile work "Jugo Shonen Drifting Record".

It depicts boys and girls drifting ashore on an uninhabited island, living hard in a harsh environment. At night, "Ryuta" and his sister "Tomato" sneaked into a submersible in an amusement park. However, by chance, the amusement park owner's son "Igao" and his friends "Cucumber" and "Cabo" also entered. Ryuta and Igao got into a fight with each other, and at that beat, the switch was accidentally turned on and the submersible started.
He tried hard to steer back, but finally ran out of fuel, was caught in a storm at the end of the drift, and then washed ashore on an uninhabited island. They named this island "Gaboten Island", and along with the myna-like bird "Kero" and the gorilla "Gori" who became friends on the island, survived in nature, sometimes struggling with each other, and adventured.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Gylt8ruHwjE


3. Ninja Pyun Pyun Maru

ProductionDate Released
Toei Animation1967/7/3 ~ 1970/3/30
ピュンピュン丸のコメディセンスに脱帽!オツムのネジも ...
source: showa-love

In recent years, Jiro Tsunoda, who has been active in occult manga, has renamed the historical drama gag "Ninja Awate Maru" drawn in the 1960s and animated it.
The stage is an era with samurai and ninja. Ninja Pyun Pyun Maru and younger brother Chibi Maru, who are members of the "Anything OK Office" whose job is to solve all kinds of troubles, are funny characters including enemies, modern weapons, monsters, cyborgs. Draw with a lot of gag.

Ninja Pyun Pyun Maru from Iga is a jack of all trade that belongs to the OK office. His younger brother, Chibimaru, who cries with a destructive sound, and Kemeko, a okachimenko who longs for him, look sideways at Pyunpyunmaru, and so on. The support of Pyun Pyun Maru's heart is cute Kunoichi Sayuri, but he seems to be kind and not ... Hmmm, I don't have a woman's heart!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/IOOzU-q5aSQ


4. Guzura

ProductionDate Released
Tatsunoko Production1967/10/7 ~ 1968/9/25
GuZura (Short Animated Story) - YouTube

This is the third work of Tatsunoko Production, and the TV series that started the Tatsunoko gag route. Monochrome work. The original is "Onboro Kaiju Kuzura" published by Hiroshi Sasagawa in the March 13 issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday in 1966.

An egg that emerged from the eruption of Mt. Bikkura. The monster Guzura that hatched from there was a big eater who could eat even iron. Guzura, who came to human society, is picked up by the brothers and sisters of the Nukeda family, Bonta and Suzu, and becomes troublesome for the family. What is the whereabouts of the unusual turmoil caused by Guzura?

YouTube: https://youtu.be/nK2pQdgYPC4


Aren't they all interesting?!
Sure it's old but you can see a lot of creativity with these anime.

Let me know what you think🤓


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