Sanji was Naruto - One Piece Trivia

by wota

Posted on 2021-03-16

otaku image by wota Sanji was Naruto - One Piece Trivia

As you all know One Piece is one of most popular Anime in the world just after Dragon Ball as far as I know.

Well, there's some interesting story about Sanji the cook who is blond and has curly eyebrow and stuff.
His name was supposed to be....


but then the author changed it to Sanji because the other popular Anime called [NARUTO] started right before Sanji joined in the story of One Piece!

And the reason why the author was going to name him Naruto is because of his eyebrow look like naruto which is fishcake you might see in Ramen with whirlpool or spiral on it.

How interesting is that!!

One Piece had started 2 years before NARUTO started, yet Sanji had not been it its story yet until soon after NARUTO started. and he was getting ready to be Naruto as one of Luffy's nakama(friend), but then just because Ninja NARUTO came first (and the show is also very popular as One Piece) so the author decided to change his name to Sanji.

well, now Sanji sounds better fit with him in my opinion but it would be interesting if Sanji had come first as his original name, Naruto, NARUTO might have had a different name, who knows...

left: Zoro, right: Sanji (source: internet)

What do you guys think? Did you prefer Naruto over Snaji for the guy?
Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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2021-03-23 come to think of it, Sanji's eyebrow and Naruto's headband sign look similar🍥🍥
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