Brave Over Chrome - Web browser 2021 - Earn Crypto for FREE

by wota

Posted on 2021-02-17

otaku image by wota Brave Over Chrome - Web browser 2021 - Earn Crypto for FREE

Google Chrome is a Greedy RAM Hog. Here's How to Fix It ...
source: pinterst

Have you started using Brave browser yet?

Today I want to share why I use Brave as my primary web browser.

Things I will cover are:





・Dev tools

I started using Brave about a year or 2 years ago when there are a lot of performance issues with Chrome and Firefox due to malware or unwanted security issues/spyware which associated with it and needed to install adblock to block unwanted spyware/malware that slow down the browser as well as whole computer performance etc.

The reason why (that I think) those browsers have such issues is that because they are the most popular web browsers today for both fast, secure and a lot of functionalities built on the browsers, it's most rewarding target from the hacker perspective (big audience, big data, more victims)

Also they move around the network so even if you clean up your computer, someone else could bring unwanted stuff through network and now your computer is also infected..

So I was looking for any alternatives which are not widely used by general population.

That's when I found Brave and Woterfox. (I write about waterfox as well if you are interested).

(I am not an affiliate or anything by the way. I wonder if there's such thing 🤔 *then I found indeed there had been and had ended by the time I wrote this article...(*edited)) 


1. Fast

Chrome vs Brave Browser- Which one is best the Best in 2020?

It is said up to 6x faster than Chrome and Firefox browsers. well it makes sense! because with Brave it blocks all the ads that the sites you visit set up for you to consume more energy AND spy you around wherever you go. Check on for more info.


2. Secure -Brave shield

Because often those unwanted "setups" come with ads and other scripts that are triggered by user clicks both intentionally and unintentionally. Then they get to inject you or run some scripts that could all kinds of thing that you don't even want to know about. Next thing you know, your information is everywhere and the products you checked on, say or other e-commerce sites follow you around the web. Basically you are watched. Not only that, they keep using your computer resources so that your computer slows down and could get old quicker than normal. (unfortunately a lot of people think that is the "normal". no it's not! something going on the background) and Brave automatically blocks those for you without needing of installing third party extensions.


3. Privacy -No tracking + Tor

10 Best Anonymous Browsers For Private Web Browsing tor

Brave browser comes with build in Privacy mode called "Tor". Sure you can say other browsers also have Incognito mode (Chrome), Private mode(Firefox) but they only clear the browsing history from other users when they use the browser you previously used. Tor will not only hides the history but also hides your IP address from Internet Service Provider and the sites you visit by going through many different servers before getting to the destination sites. Your browsing is much more private.
I also write about Tor in other article if you want to learn more about. 
 (Tor is only available on Desktop browser at this moment and it's coming soon on mobile)

4. Rewards - BAT (Basic Attention Token)

Top 5 Chromium-Based Browsers for Windows

Alright, this is one of my favorite features that Brave offers. Basically you can earn Brave's original Crypto currency called BAT which stands for Basic Attention Token. Just by browsing internet, web pages which you normally do, you earn money essentially.
All you need to do is turn on Brave Rewards from the settings the voila! They grant coins whenever ads are available which you do not even need to open up and see the contents. Then you can trade the BATs on coinbase or other crypto trading platforms. (Voyager,, KuCoin, Gemini and
It's more user driven for own eco system than big techs or corporates' money making game. Learn more about BAT


5. Dev tools

Last but not least, for those who are developers, who are used to Chrome developer tools. well Brave's got pretty much everything that Chrome offer. and it's build on Chromium and the same engine V8. Why would you choose Chrome? (because you receive some money from Google? just kidding ;))

A little trivia about the Brave.
It is developed by the creator of JavaScript as well as Mozilla foundation, Brendan Eich.


Anyways, those are main reason why I use Brave as my primary web browser today.
Hope this will help more people finding out there are much better alternatives or simply the solutions of this hidden issues..

By the way, don't forget to use DockDockGo as your default search engine for extra layer of both security and privacy!

Thank you internet and technology for connection people around the world!
Peace ✌🏻


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2021-02-23 I use Brave and it's totally satisfactory. I used to use Chrome as my default but then realized how creepy they can be when you go to different sites and then some ads follow everywhere you go. so yeah I would recommend it too! AND you get free money when you enable ads. the future.
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2021-03-23 I use this and earn BAT everyday. it's totally cool! passive income. and it's a decentralized platform that your info leak is minimal which stays in the browser so yeah
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