Expansive training as the sun sets

by mari

Posted on 2021-02-02

otaku image by mari Expansive training as the sun sets

This post has very little to do with so-called competitive martial arts or combat sports, involving a grip, understanding structural features, judo-specific motor skills, judo-specific training or training for optimizing movements. All of those things are critically important for sure. Rather, this post has to do with a kind of cultivation that is intangible and yet it is what I associate with my own practice as a judoka. A sense of awe breathing under the open sky and feeling the mountain‘s solid anchor as the sun sets. Due to the Earth's rotation, day meets night gradually, and invariably it is a gorgeous experience if I let it permeate every cell. One of my goals in life is to remember to tune into light, in non-dual awareness, meeting in a gradient for common ground, letting the beauty of nature’s metaphors and magnificent energy remind me of a generous, expansive way to cultivate my martial arts practice and life. Of course, this is easier said than done, and I respect that we all have different ways of approaching martial arts. I hope someone reading this will resonate with associating this kind of attunement with their own martial arts practice. 🥋🤝 🌄

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