the first post!!!

by wota

Posted on 2020-01-19

otaku image by wota the first post!!!

Hello World!

Welcome to Wotaku Exchange (Wota X)! 
Wotaku is not only a Japanese term for "nerd" or "geek". It is a rich subculture with a complex relationship to mainstream culture. 
We created this  platform for the self-proclaimed wotaku, regardless of gender or nationality and we would like to see it grow into a community.

#otaku  #wotaku  #geek  #nerd  #community site  #helping  #helpeep  #help other otaku  #expert  #enthusiast  #share  #knowledge  
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2020-02-07 You are an awesome individual who change the world! I will follow you and contribute you however I can with my dog.
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2020-02-08 hey wota! I like the idea! we, wotaku people tend to know certain things in depth and if we could share the knowledge with other wotakus, life would be so much easier and more smile :)
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2020-02-23 Thank you guys! Let's keep this place positive!
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